Edinburg City Council
City of Edinburg, Hidalgo County, Texas
Location: City of Edinburg
City Hall-Council Chambers
415 West University Dr.
Edinburg, Texas 78541
December 05, 2017
Regular Meeting Agenda
6:00 PM
I. Call to Order, Establish Quorum
A. Prayer.
B. Pledge of Allegiance.
II. Certification of Public Notice
III. Public Comments
The Mayor and City Council allow for a specific portion of the City Council Meeting to be dedicated to public comments. Public Comments are limited to three (3) minutes. If a resident desires to make a public comment, please complete the Public Comments Form which will be located outside of the City Council Chambers and submit the completed form to the City Secretary prior to the commencement of the City Council Meeting. We ask for everyone's cooperation in following this procedure.
IV. Ordinances

Consider Ordinance Providing for a Temporary Special Use Permit and a Waiver of Fees for the “1st Annual Santa Cycle Toy Drive”, to be held on Friday, December 15, 2017, at Holy Family Catholic Church, Being Lots 1-18, Buena Vista Subdivision, Located at 1302 East Champion, as Requested by Fernando Ybarra. [Jesus R. Saenz, Director of Planning and Zoning]


Consider Ordinance Amending the Code of Ordinances, Article V. Administrative Service, Title III Administration, Chapter 31 City Council, at §31.01 Rules and Order of Business for City Council Meetings, by Amending Rule 4 to Allow for a Written Certified Agenda. [Ricardo Gonzalez, Interim City Attorney]

V. Resolutions

Consider Resolution Designating Hidalgo County Metropolitan Planning Organization Members. [Myra L. Ayala Garza, City Secretary]


Consider Resolution Granting an Electric Utility Easement and Covenant of Access to Magic Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc., Covering the Real Property Described as 0.0353 (1538 sq. ft.) of an Acre Tract of Land More or Less, out of Lot 1 of the Replat of Lots 1 through 4, Block 9 and Lots 1 & 2, Block 10, Edinburg International Airport, Phase I, as Recorded in Volume 28, Page 45A, of the Map of Records, Hidalgo County, Texas, for the Purpose of Providing Electric Utility Services to the Proposed Department of Public Safety Hangar Construction, and Authorize the City Manager to Execute all Documents Relating Thereto. [Sonia Marroquin, Assistant City Manager]

VI. Appointments

Discuss and Consider Appointments to the City Advisory Boards and Committees for the Following:

  1. All American City 10K Advisory Board-One Member
  2. City of Edinburg Little League-One Member
  3. Community Development Council-Three Members
  4. Edinburg Golf Advisory Board-Two Members
  5. Edinburg Housing Authority Board-Three Members (Mayor Appointed)
  6. Edinburg Environment Advisory Board-One Member
  7. Edinburg Library Board-Two Members
  8. Recreation and Park Board-One Member
  9. South Texas International Airport Advisory Board-Two Members
  10. Zoning Board of Adjustments-One Member

VII. Awarding of Bids

Consider Awarding Bid No. 2018-16, Swimming Pool Chemicals to Poolsure for Item 1; to Valley Solvents & Chemicals for Items 2 & 4; and to Amchem for Items 3 & 5, Per Unit Prices as Listed. [Joe Filoteo, Director of Parks & Recreation]


Consider Awarding Bid No. 2018-20, Firefighting Equipment to Metro Fire Apparatus Specialties for Items 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 in the Amount of $21,880. [Shawn M. Snider, Fire Chief]


Consider Awarding Bid No. 2018-31, Construction of Concrete Slab to Rigney Construction, LLC, in the Amount of $18,200 and Authorize the City Manager to Enter Into an Agreement Relating Thereto. [Arturo Martinez, Director of Utilities]


Consider Awarding Bid No. 2018-33, Annual Polymer Supply to Polydyne, Inc., Per Unit Price of $490.50 Per Drum. [Arturo Martinez, Director of Utilities]


Consider Awarding Bid No. 2018-36, Downtown Water Plant Recycle Pumps to Pumps of Houston, Inc., in the Amount of $38,978.02. [Arturo Martinez, Director of Utilities]


Consider Rejecting Bid No. 2018-37, Pump, Motor and Valve Replacement. [Arturo Martinez, Director of Utilities]


Consider Awarding Bid No. 2018-38, Replacement of Lift Station Pumps to Xylem Water Solution USA, Inc., in the Amount of $64,720.48. [Arturo Martinez, Director of Utilities]


Consider Awarding Bid No. 2018-39, Materials for Waterline Relocation Project to ACT Pipe & Supply, in the Amount of $35,675.35. [Arturo Martinez, Director of Utilities]


Consider Awarding Job Task Order No. 1 to PBK, Based on RFQ 2016-004, for the Professional Architectural Services for the New Wastewater Treatment Plant Office Building, in the Amount Not-to-Exceed $31,200 and Authorize the City Manager to Execute Documents Relating Thereto. [Arturo Martinez, Director of Utilities]


Consider Authorizing the Purchase of 800 MHZ Radios for the Utility Department from Dailey-Wells Communications in the Amount Not-to-Exceed $70,831.16. [Shawn Snider, Fire Chief]


Consider Awarding RFP No. 2018-005, 2018 All-America City 10K Race Timing Results to IAAP in the Amount of $19,119 and Authorize the City Manager to Execute a Contract Relating Thereto. [Joe Filoteo, Director of Parks & Recreation]


Consider Authorizing the Repair of Unit 489, 836H Landfill Compactor by Holt Caterpillar of Weslaco, Texas in the Amount of $85,357. [Ramiro L. Gomez, Jr., Director Solid Waste Management]

VIII. Waiver

Consider Authorizing the City Manager to Waive Fees for the Use of the Edinburg Municipal Park North Pavilion for 'A Vision for You' Help Center for a Christmas Toy Drive Festival to be Held on Saturday, December 16, 2017. [Sonia Marroquin, Assistant City Manager]

IX. Consent Agenda

Consider Approval of City Council Minutes for 2015 Regular and Special Meetings. [Myra L. Ayala Garza, City Secretary]

X. Executive Session
The City Council will convene in Executive Session, in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, Vernon's Texas Statutes and Codes Annotated, Government Code, Chapter 551, Subchapter D, Exceptions to Requirement that Meetings be Open. The City Council May Elect To Go Into Executive Session On Any Item Whether Or Not Such Item Is Posted As An Executive Session Item At Any Time During The Meeting When Authorized By The Provisions Of The Open Meetings Act.

Discussion Regarding Pending Litigation for Building Defects at Dustin Sekula Memorial Library, Edinburg City Hall, Police Headquarters and Solid Waste Treatment Center; Cause No. C-6817-14-A; City of Edinburg vs. DESCON CONSTRUCTION, ENRIQUEZ ENTERPRISES, INC., VELASCO CONSTRUCTION DEVELOPMENT, LP, (Incorrectly Named Defendant JOHNSON BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION LLC , Correctly named Defendant JOE WILLIAMSON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY). (§552.071 Consultation with Attorney; Closed Meeting.)


Discussion Regarding Legal Issues Concerning the following litigation matters:

1) C-0741-13-I; City of Edinburg vs. AT&T, Inc. AT&T Corp., Southwestern Bell Telephone Company d/b/a AT&T Texas, R. Gutierrez Engineering Corp. , and ONEOK, Inc. d/b/a Texas Gas Service; In the 398th District Court, Hidalgo County, Texas; and

2) No.17-0778; IOC Company LLC v. City of Edinburg; Texas Supreme Court.

(§551.071 Consultation with Attorney; Closed Meeting)


Discussion Regarding City's Contractual Obligations, Audit, and Review of Edinburg Economic Development Corporation. (§552.071 Consultation with Attorney; Closed Meeting.) 


Discussion Regarding Legal Issues Concerning Contractual Terms and Negotiations of Meet and Confer Agreement with Edinburg United Police Officer’s Association. (§551.071.  Consultation with Attorney; Closed Meeting.)


Discussion Regarding Possible Appointment of Temporary Municipal Court Judges. (§551.071. Consultation with Attorney; Closed Meeting)


Discussion Regarding Legal Issues Concerning Cause No. CL-16-0304-A EON Industries, L.L.C. vs. Candela Organization, L.L.C., and Rogelio Vela, Jr., Individually; County Court at Law No. 1; Hidalgo County, Texas (§551.071. Consultation with Attorney; Closed Meeting)

Open Session
The City Council will convene in Open Session to take necessary action, if any, in accordance with Chapter 551, Open meetings, Subchapter E, Procedures Relating to Closed Meeting, §551.102, Requirement to Vote or Take Final Action in Open Meeting.
XI. Adjournment
  I hereby certify this Notice of a City Council Meeting was posted in accordance with the Open Meetings Act, at the City Offices of the City of Edinburg, located at the 415 West University entrance outside bulletin board, visible and accessible to the general public during and after regular working hours. This notice was posted on December 01, 2017 at 5:10 p.m.
  By:  /s/Myra L. Ayala Garza  
  Myra L. Ayala Garza, City Secretary  
  City of Edinburg, Texas  
All Matters Listed Under Consent Agenda Are Considered To Be Routine By The Governing Body And Will Be Enacted By One Motion. There Will Be No Separate Discussion Of These Items. If Discussion Is Desired, That Item Will Be Removed From The Consent Agenda And Will Be Considered Separately. With Regard To Any Item, The City Council May Take Various Actions; Including But Not Limited To Rescheduling An Item In Its Entirety For A Future Date Or Time. The City Council May Elect To Go Into Executive Session On Any Item Whether Or Not Such Item Is Posted As An Executive Session Item At Any Time During The Meeting When Authorized By The Provisions Of The Open Meetings Act.
Disability Access Statement
Persons with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting and who may need auxiliary aid or services are requested to contact the City Secretary Department at (956) 388-8204 at least two business days prior to the meeting so that appropriate arrangements can be made. The accessible entrance and accessible parking spaces are located at Edinburg City Hall, 415 West University.